Adrian Coleman (b. 1984) is a painter trained as an architect. He depicts the city as stratigraphy. His paintings are often cross-sectional landscapes of competing layers: the disjunction of built and natural environments, the adjacencies and friction of social inequality, the anomalies of gentrification, decay, and nostalgia. His large scale watercolor paintings refer to the “picturesque” tradition of surveyed ruins. This aesthetic term, historically associated with rugged deterioration, has evolved romantic connotations. The paintings are a documents of a modern archaeology, visions of an exoticizing gaze.

Adrian's primary focus is on making paintings, but he occasionally writes about art and architecture or composes songs.

Adrian is a winner of the 2012 Brooklyn Museum GO Open Studio Competition. He appeared in the Bronx Museum's 2015 Biennial and BRIC's 2016 Brooklyn Biennial. He studied painting and architecture at Yale University (BA, 2006) and received his masters degree from Columbia (M.Arch., 2012). 

A long time resident of Brooklyn, Adrian has recently relocated to London in the UK.